lundi 29 novembre 2010

Résumé sur l'huile de noix de coco

Les gens qui me connaissent savent que je privilégie énormément l'huile de noix de coco, pour une multitude de raisons.

Because coconut oil is so highly saturated, it is the most stable oil on the planet – meaning, it is the most resilient to heat, light, and air. Whether coconut oil is expeller pressed (refined) like the Tropical Traditions oil I usually buy, or super duper extra virgin is not much of an issue. You could drop a nuclear bomb on a jar of coconut fat and it’s going to come out the other side unharmed. The extra virgin processing really isn’t necessary like it is with seed oils.

Extra virgin coconut oil’s biggest turnoff is its strong taste. Because of its strong taste and odor, its versatility as a cooking oil is greatly reduced. I used to take spoonfuls of extra virgin coconut oil straight, put it in smoothies, and use it to cook a bunch of stuff. At first I didn’t mind the taste, over time I did. I can’t stand the taste now, much less the smell. It’s revolting. The refined oil, however, is odorless and flavorless, and very well could be the most excellent and versatile of all cooking oils. Cooking most of your food in extra virgin coconut oil is gross, but you will automatically cook most of your food in refined coconut oil because it truly is the king of cooking oils.

Extra virgin coconut oil is also far more expensive than refined coconut oil. Usually triple the price. This is money thrown down the toilet for an oil that can fully handle expeller pressing and come out unharmed.

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