jeudi 3 juin 2010

L'huile de noix de coco protège le foie du dommage causé par l'alcool

Une étude récente vient de répéter les résultats d'études précédentes (répertoriées dans un des tous premiers messages de ce blogue): l'huile de coco, et les gras saturés en général, protègent le foie des dommages causés par l'alcool, alors que les gras polyinsaturés amplifient ce dommage.


Coconut Not Only Protects Your Liver From Alcohol -- But From a Diet Deficient in Meat and Eggs Too!

As I pointed out in a previous blog, saturated fats like palm oil, beef tallow, cocoa butter, and MCT oil (a derivative of coconut oil) protect against alcohol-induced fatty liver disease in animals, whereas polyunsaturated oils like corn oil and fish oil promote it. In fact, animals can consume nearly 30 percent of their calories as alcohol without developing liver damage if they consume 40% of their calories as cocoa butter, whereas they develop massive liver damage if they consume 40% of their calories as corn oil.

In the same blog, I pointed out that high-fat feeding alone can induce fatty liver disease when the fat is provided as corn oil, but not when the fat is butter or coconut oil.

You can read that blog here:

Maternal Intake of "Saturated Fat" Causes Liver Disease -- You Know, the Unsaturated Kind of Saturated Fat

brand new study published several days go in the journal BMC Gastroenterology showed that a diet rich in coconut oil dramatically protected mice against fatty liver disease induced by a methionine and choline-deficient diet when compared to corn oil.

Methionine is an amino acid found in all foods but found particularly abundantly in meat. Choline, likewise, is ubiquitous, but is found primarily in liver and eggs. Deficiencies of these two nutrients in and of themselves are sufficient to cause fatty liver disease in animals.

When compared to the mice fed corn oil, however, the mice fed coconut oil had half the fatty infiltration of their livers, half the inflammation, and more than four times fewer dead liver cells.

Of course, even the mice fed coconut oil still had some damage to their livers from the deficiencies of methionine and choline. So we should be sure not only to avoid corn oil like the plague and incorporate coconut oil into our diet, but should make sure we eat our meat, eggs, and liver too.

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