mercredi 16 février 2011

Hillary Clinton se contredit en essayant de justifier la guerre à la drogue

A few weeks ago Hillary Clinton said they can't legalize drugs because "there's too much money in it" – an extremely odd statement. Too much money being spent fighting drugs by a bankrupt government? Too much money dealing in them by the narcotrafficantes, who use a lot of it to pay off the police, the DEA, and other government types? If the stories from the days when Bill was governor of Arkansas – the goings-on in Mena and such – are true, she knows a lot more about the drug business than I do, and from hands-on experience.

The only reason drugs are so profitable, of course, is because they're illegal. If they were legalized, there would be about as much profit in them as any other chemical or agricultural business – maybe less, since marijuana can be grown in useful quantities in a one-bedroom flat. And of course, the more draconian the drug laws, the higher the price drugs command – which draws in more entrepreneurs.

The drug business is problematical – like so many activities – in a number of ways. But it certainly offers giant-sized entrepreneurial profits precisely because it's currently illegal. A drug lord must necessarily make corruption his friend.

-Doug Casey

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